In Jackie Dove-Miller's new book Thinking Out Loud: Prose and Poems, Jackie writes of change, love and romance, broken hearts and death. the book addresses issues that are sometimes hard to talk about like sexuality, racism and  prejudice. The bittersweet words are sometimes tempered with humor which give strength to her writing. Read Thinking Out Loud: Prose and Poems and let the writer give words to your own heart's groanings.   –Old Gray Mare,

What readers are saying about Jackie's books:

Jackie Dove-Miller's book "Some Things I Just Know" is a must read for all women. It speaks to our fears, our doubts, our potential and our achievements. Her poems will touch your soul. They make me look inside and motivate me to strive for better. She also understands what we have been through in life. There is something in this book that every woman has experienced.    –E. Harris

I sought this book out for one particular poem that had touched me, but when I received the book, I found not only had the one poem touched me, but so many struck a chord. It is a wonderful book of hope and wisdom, and I know I will go back to it over and over again, and will be uplifted each time I read it.   –Norma Linnerman

Jackie Dove-Miller's poetry speaks to the very soul of women. Her life lessons are our life lessons and reading her poems tells us we are not alone in our pain or our rebirth. Her messages are messages of self-examination and hope. The mirror Jackie Dove-Miller forces us to peer into surprises when we see what we can be when we let go of what we think we are. Men who want to "understand" their women just might find these poems revealing, but they best be prepared to step up to the responsibility of knowing.   –Donna C. Smith

This is my third time reading..Love Moves Like a Wave. I was deeply moved. Jackie Dove-Miller takes you on a journey of love that makes you stop and listen. Some poems will hit you right away, some will grow on you. The author has an amazing ability to use her gift of writing to reach the deepest part of the human soul and reveal the hidden layers of feeling that one may have buried, but could not understand. For a person who cannot express their feeling of love, past or present, or lost love, there is poem waiting for you to discover, just keep reading. To the author Jackie Dove -Miller, this is excellent book of poetry. I applaud you....keep writing.   –Wanda Woods

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