Books By Jackie Dove-Miller

Love Moves like a Wave is a collection of poems that express the speaker's deep passion, either reveling in the love for another, despairing over the behavior of the beloved or resting contentedly in the comfort of that love. The up and down movement of love over time parallels the movement of the ocean, ebbing and flowing and sometimes standing still. The poet describes the emotions that accompany the different phases of love with raw directness putting words to anyone's story who has ever loved.

Change and Possibilities is a collection of poems that invites readers to find the places inside themselves that need to be nurtured so that they become empowered, and through that empowerment, create change. The poems fall into two categories: those that speak to God's power and presence, and those that reveal our human struggles as we seek to lift ourselves from our daily grind.

Some Things I Just Know is a collection of poems covering life-lessons that each of us needs to learn before we can embrace our authentic selves. Subjects include self-love, forgiveness, rejection, personal and spiritual connections, and many more. Each poem sounds personal yet speaks universally.

 Thinking Out Loud:  Prose and Poetry is Jackie Dove-Miller's first predominately prose rendering.  Her voice is contemplative and sincere.  Readers will get a clear picture through her short stories and essays what things are important to her.  Although her insights are personal, readers can find some universal wisdom sprinkled throughout.